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Information Systems (IS) Audits

Information Systems Audits

The phrase, “There Is No Need for IT Governance”, is no longer a smart way to do business.  Although the use of technology continues to move at rapid speeds, in some ways we have only scratched the surface.  An IS Audit completed by a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) at SPD&A, offers a proactive solution to making your IT Department a strategic partner in your organization, leading to effectively and efficiently achieving your organization's objectives. 

An Information Systems (IS) Audit or Information Technology (IT) Audit is a formal inspection by which a competent, independent professional objectively obtains and evaluates evidence regarding assertions about an entity’s information systems assets, processes, operations, and internal controls. This is done for the purpose of forming an opinion and providing a report on the degree to which the assertions conform to an identified set of standards.  IS auditors also verify systems and applications are appropriate for needs the organization has that are adequately controlled, ensuring valid, reliable, and timely operation. Most importantly, SPD&A IS audit and assurance professionals will report our recommendations, findings, and conclusions for corrective action directly to your organization’s stakeholders. 

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